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                                                              Imagine something beautiful yet practical, designed by the
                                                              customer, to exactly match their space and their place.

                                                              Sliding robes not only are a practical storage solution, but

                                                              also become a focal design feature in any room. With up to
                                                              30 percent more storage space than conventional free-
                                                              standing furniture, they are built your way with the layout
                                                              you decide.

                                                              Croft Home Interiors are one of the province’s leading
                                                              suppliers of sliding robes, with over 30 years experience in
                                                              the industry and a reputation for quality products.

                                                              Each door and frame is made specifically to the client’s
                                                              needs, so you don’t have to compromise on even an inch
                                                              of available space.

                                                              Your storage, your way.

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